The darkest grey

Another day with no rain and no sun. At one point Denise posted some photographs of her and Jaxon at the zoo in brilliant, blinding sunshine. I sent her a photo of our sunshine so she could compare and contrast.

Not really much of a contest

And things didn’t get much better weather wise though, happily the rain stayed away.

Speaking of Denise, before going to the shops I rang mum to see how she was. She’s back from the hospital but still a bit confused. Denise kept sending me texts while we were speaking, letting me know what was actually happening.

Mum’s going to see her GP tomorrow to see how she’s going.

As for me, I had some puppies to walk, obelisks to paint and food to prepare.

I’ve noticed, looking back over previous years, that the Avenue of Trees generally looks quite lovely this time of year. I thought I’d include a photo of what it looks like this year.

A wee bit muddy is how it’s describe it today. Because we’ve had very little sun, it’s just not dried out. Even the grass is muddy.

And just to prove its not only in one direction here’s looking the other way.

After giving the puppies their daily foot bath, I started painting.

I’d wanted them painted bright pink and lime green but Mirinda preferred grey. She actually asked for dark grey. This is the colour we ended up with.

First one done on the outside

It’s the darkest grey they had.

By the time I’d reached the point above, I had to clean up so I could dye my hair and then hit the kitchen.

There was Paleo bread and mayonnaise (with basil) to make, dogs to feed and beds to make.

Actually it was only one bed and it wasn’t in the kitchen but it still had to be done before Mirinda arrived home.

Then, late at night, I had a text from Dawn, informing me that it was hot in Budapest. I’d forgotten she was visiting. Hopefully she had a few gallons of cold lager to help with the temperature.

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