Annoying changes

The other thing we did yesterday, mostly because of the persistent rain, was to actually book most of our French holiday. We’re planning to spend two weeks in the Dordogne and I thought we should actually get some of our plans made into reality.

So I booked the ferry out there, the plane back, the hire car, hotel at St Malo and a cruise around the harbour for an extra St Malo day. Meanwhile Mirinda found a couple of places she’d be (theoretically) happy to stay in for the longer stretch of the holiday.

Money was spent and the excitement started the slow build. It felt good. As I said, that was yesterday.

Then Mirinda called me in the middle of today.

She rarely calls in the middle of the day because her days are generally chockas. She sometimes calls me if she’s walking between meetings that are happening in different buildings but not very often.

Today, however, was following a meeting with her boss.

He wants her to speak to the main board at their next major meeting about how her work is progressing. While this isn’t particularly onerous, it is a bit irritating.

Firstly because it’s in Milan and secondly because it falls right into the middle of our holiday plans we bought and paid for yesterday.

Obviously Mirinda explained that she had plans and her boss happily replied that the company would reimburse any losses. And we will have to replan everything.

It was then my job to work out what we could change or refund and what we’d lose. It took a while.

Another thing I did last night was to start my own cream cheese and whey production. The cream cheese is a bi-product really. I actually want the whey for another go at some sauerkraut. Not that there’s anything wrong with cream cheese.

This is how it happily hung overnight and through the day for the requisite 24 hours.

Making whey while the sun shines

Finally, at about 6pm, it was time for the Great Unwrapping. This was rather delicate given my rough construction of two triangular supports for the spoon. They were sitting either side of the bowl and temporarily made of chopsticks, bamboo skewers and masking tape.

However, I managed to get it all open without any accident and plonked the cream cheese into a glass jar.

A blob of cream cheese

Upon tasting I declared it the most delicious bi-product I think I’ve ever sampled. Creamy, cheesy, yummy.

On the other hand, the whey looked more like something you’d take to the lab to ascertain how your UTI was progressing.

Whey in the fridge

Obviously I didn’t taste it. It’s for the shredded cabbage which I’ll buy tomorrow. I should report that it didn’t smell of anything.

But, back to the holiday un-planning…having worked assiduously I found out that we will lose about half the amount we outlaid. This is because a few things can be changed or refunded while others cannot. And of course, we won’t actually lose it because Mirinda’s company will reimburse us.

We now need to replan the whole thing for, maybe a month later.

And I almost forgot, it didn’t stop raining all day.

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