Monumental waste of sunshine

Yesterday morning when I woke up for work, I felt an uncomfortable pain in my tummy. It was the sort of pain you get when you’ve eaten a snail that’s not quite dead and is trying to make its way back up the alimentary canal. As the day progressed the pain would come and go, occasionally rendering me incapable of moving. Fortunately, given I was at work, most of my day is spent sitting down so moving is not exactly a requirement.

The other area of non-movement was in the body evacuation zone. It was like the snail, on its slow progress north, was holding up everything going the other way.

On the way home I researched kefir drinkers who suffer from stomach pain and discovered that some people do react this way. I also discovered that you are supposed to start off with about a tablespoon a day then progress slowly up to a full glass after about 23 years. This is some information I could have done with a few months ago.

Not that I’m saying that this tummy thing has been caused by the kefir. I was just making sure I wasn’t poisoning myself with microbiotics.

Anyway, that was yesterday. This morning I woke feeling worse. The pain was lower down (obviously the snail was slipping backwards) and still coming in waves.

I managed to get to Starbucks but didn’t feel well enough to sit and type for very long. I did drink my latte but that was about it. After shopping I managed to make it home.

I then went back to bed, where I remained until about 3pm. I snoozed and dozed and slept.

While a day in bed was clearly better than anything else I could have tried doing, I really wish it had been raining. After all the wet we’ve had over the last month, a day of sunshine is not the day you want to spend out of commission.

So, the jobs I had planned were not done. It felt like a massive waste of a day. Oh, and there was no action in the evacuation zone.

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