Who’ll stop the rain? Anyone?

I can’t believe there’s still any water in the air. While there’s been no flooding (that I know of) it feels like it’s been raining forever. Except when it snowed.

Today, after walking up to the shops in the drizzly rain and walking back in an unexpected rain interval, I rang mum to see, or hear, how she was going. She sounded a bit croaky and was in pain but she sounded clear headed. She’s using dad’s old Zimmer frame (or wheelie walker as they call them in Queensland) so she can move around and sit whenever she needs to.

She’s basically confined to the house but the pain is relieving the boredom of not going out. Given the Commonwealth Games have just started, I guess she can watch some of the events. Hopefully the pain will lessen as the days go by and her knee gradually heals. Denise is taking her back to the doctor for a check up in, she thought, two weeks.

As for me, I spent the day trying to start fixing my obelisks. All three are in need of a bit of maintenance and repair…actually more repairing than maintaining if I’m being honest. I mean one even has lost a bit of one of its legs.

Three poorly obelisks

I’m not sure how long ago I made them but I think they’ve fared quite well under the circumstances. The circumstances being that I never maintain anything and they’ve just sat in the garden, falling over occasionally when the wind gets too strong.

They’ll need a good sanding as well as having their tops replaced. However, that won’t be happening today. Every time I went outside to start, it rained. I am seriously sick of getting wet.

Of course we waited for a moment of clear sky to go to the park. We managed to get just into the park when the rain started but by that time Emma was pretty much committed to it. Freya wasn’t impressed (she doesn’t like the rain and, I think, would have preferred to stay asleep in the house) but we continued on.

Eventually we were soaked through but it didn’t matter by then because there’s a limit to the amount of wet anyone can actually get.

Back at home there was a lot of washing and towel rubbing of the puppies. Then me.

The only really constructive thing I did was make a new batch of mayonnaise (this time with coriander). And washed and dried a lot of towels.

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