Waking up to Headless Clara

Looking back over my posts, to this time in 2013, I noted that the garden wasn’t full of colour (other than the daffs) and the reason was the unseasonably cold weather. As I sat and looked out at the garden, we seem to have the same situation in 2018. And it has been a cold year so far. And wet.

Other years we have had tulips and forget-me-nots, the grass has been lush and had its first cut, the garden has started to grow again. One year we even had the magnolia in full bloom. This year, though, the garden is bleak and, apart from the bright yellow of the daffodils and freesias, pretty much devoid of colour.

Something else that’s bleak is the Scandi crime thriller we’re watching at the moment. It’s called Bordertown and makes a very good argument for not living in Finland. There are not a lot of laughs and the murders are designed to appal and disgust. A couple of the characters are (almost) likeable…it’s hard to be more generous. Even the colour is grey apart from specially selected spots of red.

In saying that, it is gripping and we’ll watch the rest of the first series though whether we return for a second is debatable. Actually Mirinda is pretty adamant that she won’t be watching it if it comes back.

On the home front, Boris woke up with the owls and was soon ensconced with me and the girls downstairs listening to the radio – Susanne went back to bed after dumping him with me. Of course I was up early though I blame Headless Clara who decided to move into our bedroom in order to avoid Boris in the night. She might be headless but she’s a bit restless.

So we (me and the dogs) found ourselves snoozing on the lounge. That makes it all sound very cosy. There were a couple of times that all of us were quietly dozing but they were few and far between. For one thing, Boris at full stretch does take up a lot of the lounge.

In the toilet stakes, all three went outside to the loo (I had Boris on a lead) and managed to poo, all at the same time. Naturally I praised Boris for this great achievement.

Eventually the rest of the house wandered downstairs and we sat with tea and coffee and iPad and chatted. They were leaving at about 11 so I was making brunch.

A while ago I ‘invented’ these eggy, bacon, muffiny type things based on a Rachel Khoo recipe. Mine have fewer carbs than hers so are acceptable in Chez Gaz. Anyway, they were a big hit the first time I made them and again, this second time.

Mmmm, savoury muffins

After spending about an hour collecting Boris’ possessions and playthings and essential toilet training paraphernalia, packing the car and saying goodbye, we were left alone. Mirinda tried to Skype Bob and Fi while I washed the floor.

The rest of the day was spent in DBA work and tidying up before Mirinda headed out the front to try and sort out the wisteria. In true gardening style, it must look worse before it can look better.

For dinner I made my first naked burgers and they were good…particularly the big bowls of Chez Gaz guacamole which is always appreciated.

And so peace descended on our house and we gradually drifted into the night as the rain restarted. We spared a thought for Susanne driving home (they visited another friend before heading back to Bath). The girls just enjoyed the return to the status quo. I don’t think they’ll be missing Boris.

Beautiful boy

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