Short, sweet and bloody rain

My first lot of records at the Surrey History Centre have been uploaded. This is the set I was doing for the Shalford Memorial. Here’s a link to one of them…possibly my favourite:

Balaclava Smallbones

And, apart from housework ahead of tomorrow’s visitors, that was what I did today. Given I can do most of the research at home, I took full advantage of the foul weather to stay out of it.

Bruised skies and woebegone garden

According to Mirinda the rain is going to last until next weekend. That’s too much rain…particularly when you have an intermittent leak. I feel sorry for the gardeners who are coming on Monday.

I should mention the rabbit stew I made yesterday. It didn’t sit well in either of us. Sadly. The plan had been to have the remains for lunch today. I thought the safest thing to do was throw it away rather than subject our insides to another bout of Rabbit Upset.

What happens when I get out of my chair

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