Rain will get you wet and mud will get you sink

I had a text from Denise today to let me know that mum’s knee operation went okay and she was presently sitting in bed having a cup of tea. As I said, that’s a good sign.

As for me, I just got wet. It was one of those soaking days where you stick your head outside the door to check the temperature and when you bring it back in, it’s saturated. The type of day that sees your backpack soaked by the time you reach the gym and you realise your clean socks are damp as a result. The type of day you don’t bother washing your hair because just squirting a bit of shampoo onto it will do.

And so the day continued. Having worked up the proverbial at the gym, I headed into town, getting wet on the way. Then, having dried off in Starbucks then Waitrose, I headed home in order to get wet again.

After lunch things started looking a bit brighter and drier so we headed up to the park only to get wet after about half an hour. There seemed little point in rushing home so we stayed out, much to the happiness of Emma though Freya wasn’t too certain – she’s not that keen on rain.

She’s not alone. Mrs Ted was telling me this morning in the gym that her dog absolutely refuses to venture outside the house when it’s raining.

While she was deliriously happy about going for a walk, the subsequent sink treatment was not as welcome.


You can’t see from the photo but her legs are black with mud. Her hair is just damp.

My day was thereafter spent attaching the fireplace to the wall in The Multi-Occupancy Room. I finished just before 6pm when the Radio 4 pips alerted the dogs that it was dinner time.

Speaking of food related canine activities…This morning when I left, I realised we’d run out of the twisty sticks that the girls love so I had to give them Dentastix instead. Freya doesn’t like Dentastix, a fact that Emma hasn’t worked out. Emma likes to make them last at least a few days. She spends a lot of her time guarding them…which is what’s happening in this photo.

The girls doing their best to ignore each other

Eventually Freya managed to get by Emma and cuddled up to me on the lounge. Of course she generally winds up behind my head, lying on the arm of the chair. She really does love her comfort and sleep.

Emma, meanwhile, was licking her Dentastix in order to make it last as long as possible.

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