And so to the cottage

The day didn’t start so good. Firstly the weather was grey and grim then there was a big points failure at Wimbledon. The latter wouldn’t normally bother me except that it affected the trains to Alton. Of course I could have caught a bus but because Stagecoach likes being annoying, there is no bus between 09:18 and 10:38 and I was ready to catch it at 09:30!

So I walked to the station. This proved a bit pointless because of the aforementioned points problem at Wimbledon which was affecting the entire network.

Eventually the station master waved me and the other person going to Alton over to platform 1 and, saying he couldn’t have his people hanging about for 90 more minutes, put us both in a taxi.

The reason I was going to Alton was to visit the cottage prior to it going on the market again.

First glimpse for over 12 years

At the cottage I was entertained by the guys fixing the mould. This should have been done before Christmas but there had been some miscommunication between me and the real estate agents (I’m being generous) and owing to the intransigence of the tenant, it had to be done today.

Speaking of the tenant, she left yesterday and, I have to say, she left it in very good condition. It would be fair to say I was not looking forward to seeing it.

But all my fears were for nought (I’m ignoring the lime green room with the mouldy carpet and walls) as the place seemed fine all over. The addition of some vents downstairs can only help the place last another few hundred years.

Matt (the real estate agent selling it for us) turned up shortly after me and we wandered around and decided on our plan of action for the sale. He dropped me off at the station and I then waited an age for the bus back to Farnham.

The other bad thing that happened this morning was my glasses giving up the ghost. Freya broke them a few weeks ago. A bit of superglue sorted them out. Twice. Finally a bit of electrical tape was needed. And then, this morning, nothing would work.

It’s terminal, I’m afraid

Sitting at Alton Station I had a call from the optician to say my new ones were ready. I then had a chap sit next to me who told me all about seeing Lionel Ritchie in Las Vegas last week. (Apparently he hasn’t aged well but his voice is as good as it ever was.) He also told me that Donny and Marie Osmond were very good though Marie hasn’t aged very well. He thought she was probably about 130 in which case her voice was still very good.

It seems that his wife treated him to the trip (she went too) I assume for his birthday. He talked a mile a minute and had to get as much in as possible before his bus turned up. When it did pull in he was up like a whippet and rushing onto it. He threw a “Nice to have met you,” over his shoulder before disappearing. I didn’t get a chance to tell him that we didn’t actually meet as the bus pulled away with him in it.

I have to say he was a bit obsessed with the ageing qualities of famous singers. I’m not sure why. He didn’t look particularly good for whatever age he was.

Getting off the bus in Farnham I went straight to the optician and threw off my crapped pair of glasses and replaced them with my lovely new pair.

They have two arms! How handy.

The rest of the day was spent putting the curtain poles up in Denise’s, Fiona’s, Suzanne’s the Green Room.

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