The fox, the geese and the terrace

I woke to the news that Stephen Hawking died this morning. A remarkable life. He was 76 and died peacefully at home. He was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in his 20’s and told he wouldn’t live very long. He defied all of his doctors. He was one of our greatest minds.

On the happier side of this Wednesday…while walking to the gym I heard a terrible honking. Looking across into the field I was passing, three geese were waddling down the hill making all sorts of noises and flapping wildly. Then, mere feet from them I noticed a fox. It appeared to be looking at them, wondering what the fuss was about.

The fox stopped and watched them waddle away, still keeping up their racket. The fox then continued on its way, striding away from the geese who were suddenly very quiet, perceiving the danger as having passed. It being about 7:30am I figure the fox was on its way home and had no interest in the geese.

After the gym I was back home to Skype with mum before heading to the park with the girls. While the day was intermittently sunny, the wind in the park was awful. Cold and gale force is the best way to describe it. Still, it’s nice to see that spring is well and truly close by.

While the blooms are lovely and the scattering of daffodils emerging is delightful, I’m not sure how or why this tree appears to be wearing a scarf. I guess the wind was just a bit much for it this morning.

The rest of my day was spent trying to scour the terrace. The Karcher wouldn’t shift the black stuff that falls from the tree so I had to resort to hot water and scrubbing brush. It took me ages to get them clean but they do look a lot better.

By the end of play, I’d managed twice as many as the photo above shows. Laborious is what I’d call it. Oh, and not a lot of fun.

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