In the Arena with Mary

On Saturday, Mary rang me, asking if I’d be free to record the Rushmoor Council publication, Arena for the Talking Newspaper. Seeing as I wasn’t busy I said of course I could. And so, after lunch today, I left Mirinda to her work and walked to the studio.

We had a good session. The Arena recordings are always very simple. We just read what’s there and Mary has done all the editing that needs doing. There’s only ever two readers and the presenter and it all only ever takes two hours at the most.

This time, along with Mary and me, there was Pam and Charles the engineer. We managed to get it all down very quickly with a minimum of fluffs and then went about our business.

When I left the studio, the early evening weather was a bit scattered cloudy but otherwise quite calm and light. This was distinctly different to when I arrived in Farnham at about 1:30pm. The clouds were all looking a bit apocalyptic.

Crazy doom laden clouds

In fact, all morning the rain had come and gone. I was busy doing admin in the office and the day was fine one moment then wet the next. It was all a bit unpredictable. In fact, it was as unpredictable as Mirinda.

At one stage I headed into the house (from my office) only to find Freya sitting in Mirinda’s dining chair at the table. She looked up at me expectantly then hopped down – too fast for a photo, sadly. I thought it looked hilarious and laughed, expecting Mirinda to suddenly ask what was so funny. There was only silence.

I then began the hunt for my wife. It was a hunt to no avail. And Max was gone. I couldn’t find either of them anywhere. Her Mac was still on her chair so I figured she couldn’t have headed in to work. It was all a bit mysterious.

Then I managed to locate her on my Find Your Missing Wife app for Android. She was in the gym. Upon her return she told me that she’d suddenly had an opportunity to dance so she just dropped everything and rushed off. And danced.

As you do.

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2 Responses to In the Arena with Mary

  1. Mirinda says:

    And it’s all true 🙂

  2. mum cook says:

    Lucky you Mirinda wish I could still often feel like it but legs wont let me . Love mum xxxxx

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