International women’s day

I heard an interesting statistic yesterday. Apparently the female population of the UK is more than 50% and has been since at least 1960. So how come we are still ruled by a bunch of older white males? I’m not counting our present PM because she’s, frankly, useless and it has nothing to do with her sex…she’d be just as bad if she was male.

As for me…I have to say that a day almost entirely full of housework is, by its own nature, exceedingly dull. For that reason I’ll ignore the floor sweeping, the bedmaking, the washing, yadda, yadda, yadda and concentrate on our walk in the park.

Emma was surprisingly well behaved today. We met a number of different dogs and she either ignored them or said hello then ignored them. There was the usual barking at the greyhound but both his owner, Freya and I think that’s just very funny.

At one point we were greeted by a very enthusiastic Luna who, as usual, came straight up to me for a pat and a chat. She played successfully with Freya who is always pleased to run around with a dog of her own size. She wasn’t quite so lucky with Emma who only had eyes for her tennis ball.

Mind you, it didn’t stop Luna running after her and generally chasing Emma with no aim but to run and run and run. She didn’t bother with the ball, much to Emma’s relief.

I’ve mentioned before that Luna is a naughty puppy, according to her owner. But I think she may have turned a corner because while she was playing with us she suddenly noticed that her owner had moved quite a distance away. Luna raced after her. It was very good to see.

A little while later I saw them again and I mentioned to the owner that Luna seems to be better behaved now. The owner agreed saying it is such a relief. Though when they pass our road, the owner has to put the lead on her because Luna is likely to run to our house.

Before Mirinda arrived home I whipped up a tray of sugar free chocolate, macadamia and freeze dried raspberry slice as well as a load of paleo bread for my lunch tomorrow.

And the weather was very pleasant.

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2 Responses to International women’s day

  1. Mirinda says:

    Yes it was beautiful today. What sort of dog is luna?

  2. mum cook says:

    Those lollies sound good so free of everything must be good haha love ya xxxxxx

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