The Quipping Judge

Mirinda says she marked a paper today where the student wrote: “…quipped the judge.” Interesting that. The Quipping Judge.

Work was annoying. Had a meeting to discuss a few procedural things and I knew Nicole would want to argue about them. I wouldn’t mind if she actually worked as hard as I do but it isn’t the case and it would just end up with me doing it.

Stevie bought me a t-shirt from the Groove Armada concert which was very sweet.

I managed to complete another couple of levels of Smuggler’s Run and tested the new client version of Liberate. It never stops!

Mirinda talked to Alice and we’ll probably exchange this Friday and settle on the sixth. Fingers crossed.

Chatted to mum and dad for an hour. Dad is NOT well. Mum, on the other hand, is tap dancing again.

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