Fiona’s garden centre prediction proves incorrect

The weather has once more turned very cold. In fact, Neighbour Dave predicted snow next Wednesday. We shall see how that goes however, it was certainly cold enough for some today. The only thing missing was the delivery system – there were no clouds all morning.

I had a big shop to do this week because the gardeners are coming tomorrow and I’ll be in charge (Mirinda has a big meeting day and will be leaving before they arrive) so will not be able to go shopping until Snowday…I mean Wednesday. So I bought lots of pork. (I’ve just discovered that the one foodstuff that is consistent across long lived communities is pork. Pork and a general lack of sugar. Oh, and a glass of red wine a day with dinner. I reckon I can manage all three of those things easily.)

When I managed to get home, having visited just about every shop in Farnham for various hard-to-buy-anywhere things, Mirinda was busy chatting to Bob and Fi. I was in time to hear Fi declare that we’d be going up to the garden centre because that’s what we do EVERY Sunday. Mirinda didn’t help that impression by claiming we needed to buy some grass seed.

After lunch we popped up to Odiham armed with cash to see if we could buy the mannequin we couldn’t get last week. And, joy of joys, it was still there. We have christened her Clara and she has taken up residence in the Green Room…I mean Denise’s Room. Or Fi and Andrew’s Room.

Naked Clara

The reason for the mannequin is in order to display a very old wedding dress which once belonged to Mirinda’s Great Grandmother, Clara (thus the reason for the name) and which she retrieved from Dural when we were over last April. And, unbelievably, it fits perfectly…if somewhat rumpled.

I’ll give it an iron during the week but have to be very careful given its age and material (silk).

Clothed Clara

While in the wonderful Allsorts antique shop, Mirinda also bought a lovely yellow jug to go in her library. It eventually wound up on the Doll’s House shelf.

Rather than head straight home (or to the garden centre) we decided a walk and a pint were in order.

We had a few choices but decided to try The Bell which is off High Street (yes, Jenny, it’s actually called ‘High Street’ in Odiham) and directly opposite the church. It’s a little pub, very much the sort of community hub that a town pub should be. Mind you, it doesn’t feel like that at first glance.

The carpet is old and manky looking, the people all stare at you as you enter and there was a chap smoking in the little covered area you have to pass through to enter the pub. Not that long ago, Mirinda would have walked in then turned around and left immediately. But first impressions can often be completely wrong and this was definitely the case here.

The Bell is a lovely little pub, full of townspeople buying tickets in a meat tray raffle and laughing and chatting about this person or that. They have a display cabinet full of darts trophies which seems to indicate that they put up quite a decent team for whatever local competitions exist in these here parts. (I particularly liked the sign which read “Use other door. Darts in progress.” which was needed because the oche was right in front of the entrance to the pub.

The beer was good (a Thwaites interestingly given the brewery is in Lancashire) and Mirinda’s white wine spritzer was exactly as it should be. And, most importantly, the fire was ablaze and the pub was delightfully warm and friendly.

I told her to smile

We managed to drag ourselves away from The Bell and headed back home where I made lemon and dill crusted salmon, Mirinda worked on her DBA, the puppies lazed around and none of us went to the garden centre.

The real Clara on her wedding day, 2 July 1913 along with husband George.

During discussions regarding the German Shepherd problem, Neighbour Dave told Mirinda that he’d managed to kill one of the rats. In a rat trap. Apparently it was Gail’s favourite. I’m not sure how anyone, apart from Willard, could have a favourite rat.

With regards the German Shepherd issue, Dave had an unsubstantiated claim that one of them may have bitten a jogger. If true, that is terrible though I’m inclined to think it’s possibly an exaggeration.

Mirinda also talked extensively with Dave about his glasshouses, helping her decide which type to get for our garden.

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2 Responses to Fiona’s garden centre prediction proves incorrect

  1. mum cook says:

    The dress looks lovely better on the real Clara then the model. Wish I had kept mind in stead of cutting it up for you and Denise I remembered you a shirt and Denise a dress. I love talking about all the old history of our family’s. Lots of love Mum xxxx

  2. mum cook says:

    PS What about my room I was in the small room first.

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