Lunchtime spent with Dawn is always a delight

I had lunch with Dawn today. We went to Cote. We were going to the Wheatsheaf but we’ve been there before so I decided we should try Cote instead. It was very full, though, fortunately, not so full that we couldn’t get a table.

It seems that Cote is where the Ladies Who Lunch go to lunch. Apart from me and a few waiters there seemed to be just one other male in the place. Not that that is important, just interesting and indicative of the excellent food at Cote. I’m sure Mirinda would agree with me on that.

I was naughty and had the calamari. That’s another thing that Mirinda would agree on, the calamari. It’s delicious. I then had the pork belly which was also very good.

As well as eating very well, we chatted and chatted and chatted, our voices joining the general hubbub surrounding us. We discussed museum stores, the length of PhD studies, things to watch on Netflix and so many other things. Lunchtimes never seem long enough to cover the wealth of topics.

After Dawn dropped me home (she’s lovely like that) I grabbed the girls and took them to the park for a Better Late Than Never walk. They were very pleased. They weren’t sure whether to jump all over me with panting ‘Hellos’ or to jump up at me with a barked ‘YEAH! WALK, WALK, WALK.’

The weather, I should mention, was a bit odd today. While I waited for Dawn to arrive we had a sudden torrential downpour which lasted a typical ten minutes then went somewhere else. During lunch the sun was out. By the time we went to the park, the world had greyed over somewhat and there was a non-realised threat of rain in the air.


Still, we had a lovely walk and managed to stay dry though I could have done without the dog poo on my runners. Not from one of ours, I should stress.

At the house I discovered that the vet we go to is having a Valentine’s Day competition. They want photos of people with their pets, the winner to receive a hamper. I thought it would be fun to send photos of me and the girls.

Emma looking somewhat imperious

We’ve never had dogs who are so difficult to photograph. They are the least compliant of any of them. How well I remember the poodles who would happily sit, posing and wait for me to snap away at them. But not these two. It’s like they can’t keep their heads still. Particularly Freya.

It’s the tongue!

She is definitely the lickiest dog in the world.

Oddly, the torrential rain of the morning had caused the ceiling to leak again. This hasn’t happened since October and is very peculiar. I went out onto the roof and cleaned out the downpipe of gunk then swept the standing water away. It’s all very confusing.

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  1. mum cook says:

    Would have been lovely to see Dawn glad you enjoyed your lunch. Yes it does look very gloomy. there funny but lovely hope you got your photo don’t forget to show me We had your weather today only 21 it was raining and really cold mind you I love it but Lorna hates it I bet she had two jumpers on and a jacket haha. I went into the Dr today but they found nothing wrong with me will tell you the rest on Tuesday. love mum xxxxx

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