Today I went to Woking for a meeting with Kirsty at the Surrey History Centre. I’m wanting to volunteer to help enter the Surrey people who were involved in the First World War onto their database. I found out about it after searching for volunteering places in Surrey. Okay so it’s not ships but I figure I need a change and, besides, some will be sailors.

I had to leave with plenty of buffer because of the rail strikes this week. For reasons known only to the bastards at the union, they decided to have Monday, Wednesday and Thursday off this week. Our train company worked very hard to keep some sort of service on the rails but it meant there was only one train an hour from Farnham.

It didn’t help that Hale Road was a bit of a mess because of roadworks.

Mirinda picked a good week to go away

This meant arriving at Woking with quite a long time to wander around. Not that I minded. Woking has changed quite a bit since I worked there. It’s always good to check back on places that have meant so much…and I feel like a decade of my life was spent in Woking.

The first big surprise (though I did notice it last week on the way back from Heathrow) is the huge building site outside Export House, where I used to work. It’s the tallest building in this photo.

Yes, there were blue skies today

It won’t be finished until 2020 but will be AMAZING. Or so they claim on the hoardings.

Eventually I reached the centre and met with Kirsty. And our meeting went extremely well. I’m going to start there Friday week. I’m beginning on war memorials, most particularly, the one in Shalford. I’m totally looking forward to it.

And so I journeyed home, stopping off at Starbucks for a celebratory latte on the way.

Latte Art by Chantelle

It was a very good day!

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2 Responses to #WeAreWoking

  1. Mirinda says:

    I am so pleased!!

  2. mum cook says:

    So glad you got the job something you love doing and also gets you out of the house if only for one day, cant wait for you to start as I know I will love every minuet of it as well. Love mum xxxxx

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