Off to France

Mirinda and Bob left for their ten day trip in southern France today. Carol picked them up at 4:30pm so they had most of the day to faff. Actually Bob spent a lot of the day sitting in a recliner reading while Mirinda did most of the faffing.

I went shopping first thing, noticing that the building opposite Starbucks is again having work done on it.


Over the last 12 months, this place has had the insides gutted and replaced, the ground dug up and new pipes buried (this included the road being replaced as well) and, now, it seems, the outside is going to get a face-lift. As long as they leave the big ship on the small steeple, I don’t mind at all.

I realise that I’ve forgotten to report on Emily at Starbucks. Last week she asked me how Christmas had gone and I raved about Florence. She was all “Aw, I’d LOVE to go!” etc and after each of her colleagues said they’d also been, she was even more entranced.

So, I told her she should go. Just go for two days. Just her. Enjoy herself for the sake of it I told her. She was not that confident, worrying that she’d get lost and not know what to do. I told her Florence was tiny and it’s almost impossible to get lost. She remained a bit sceptical, telling me that the first time she’d gone to London unaccompanied was when she was 24.

Then, a few days later I saw her and she said she’d been about to go online and check out airfares when she suddenly realised she’d forgotten where she was going. I told her Florence but, I thought to myself, was wondering whether it was such a good idea. I told her she’d be fine with a little less enthusiasm than previously.

I await developments.

After shopping for Mirinda’s last minute things (and lunch), I returned home. It was then just a question of waiting. And reading in Bob’s case. And last minute DBA documentation for Mirinda because if anything is worth doing it’s worth doing at the last possible minute.

For lunch I shallow fried a pack of Patagonian scallops with a bit of bacon. Bob was a bit surprised. He also loved them. It’s a good job Denise wasn’t still here.

I forgot to include this photo of the lights on the trees outside the almshouses in Castle Street last Thursday. Given 12th Night has been and gone and assuming they’ll not be there any longer, I’m including it now.

That’s it for another Christmas season

To hell with the spirits living in our tree!

I don’t think pixies and witches can access my blog anyway…

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2 Responses to Off to France

  1. mum cook says:

    The tree looks lovely but didn’t see any pixies. Emily should ask a friend to go with her it gives more confidence if there is two of you. Have been trying to work out where that building is I remember the ship on the top but cant place where the building is. What day did we say we were skypeing Thursday or Friday
    Love mum xxxxxxx

  2. Mirinda says:

    I can’t place that building either

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