Techno blues

The plan was to Skype this morning. I was sat by my laptop at 9am waiting for mum’s laptop to register that it existed. By 9:30 I figured I should ring.

There’s been a series of problems with mobile phones so texting is not an option at the moment. I jumped on the landline. Mum’s laptop was refusing to work. There followed an international effort to fix it. Eventually it was working.

Then Skype wanted her password…which she’d forgotten. Using Teamviewer (an excellent bit of lifesaving software) I logged on to her laptop and reset her password. She started Skype and we chatted. For about half an hour because that’s all the time I had left.

I had a Talking Newspaper this afternoon; Alton edition so I had to leave the house at midday. And I didn’t get back till 6:30pm!

The reason I was so late (I’m usually home at 5) is because the readers for the issue before mine (Haslemere) didn’t turn up at all. Actually, one did but not the other two. Poor Janice (Presenter) was a bit stuck. She rang around and managed to find someone who was free and able to get to the studio but it meant a very late start for them and, subsequently we were late starting and finishing.

Not that that was much of a problem for us. We had a jolly fun time. One of my readers was the incredibly funny John Evans who always entertains. I also had Katherine, a Scot from Skye who has never lost her accent.

My third reader was Margaret who is having a bad time with her hip. Interestingly it’s her real hip because her other one was replaced 20 years ago and is still going strong.

The recording went well and we all had a good time before heading back out into the night.

West Street, about 5:30pm

I hadn’t eaten all day so, rather than nibble something I shouldn’t (a fast is always a good option) I popped into Starbucks for a latte. It was delightfully quiet with Victoria and Christina cleaning up ready for closing. Pakur was also there (in fact he made my coffee) and joined in the frivolity.

An empty Starbucks

Back at home (finally) I made Moroccan meatballs and we spent a delightfully quiet night in front of the TV watching the new version of Little Women.

Travel Update
Denise arrived home and thankfully had a shower that didn’t include stepping into a bath first. There was no news from Bob in Jersey except a short message implying something exciting happened…

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2 Responses to Techno blues

  1. mum cook says:

    I forgot to ask you if you are still doing the newspaper good to know you are. Had coffee with Denise this morning and told me all about her holiday she had a great time. she all so went and met her friend Jenny who you met . Just rung A Mollie she is not very well and wont be going to Alick party going to the Dr on Monday so when I find out I will let you know, she cant keep anything down got to the stage that she is frighten to eat. Love mum xxxx

  2. Mirinda says:

    We’ve still got to finish little women when I get back!

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