Sad farewells

Well, the month has been and gone. This morning I saw Denise off at Heathrow as she began her long journey home. Carol arrived dead on time and whisked us off to Terminal 2. We were both amazed at the incredible lack of traffic. Never seen the like at what is ostensibly the rush hour. It meant a very smooth, non-stop trip in to the airport.

Once at the terminal it was just a case of checking in her bag before heading for security where a teary hug was exchanged and I waved her off.

It’s been a lovely Christmas/New Year with Denise. As Mirinda said when I returned home, she fitted right into our little family. (Emma didn’t say much but Freya kept wondering where she was.)

My trip home took a while though, clearly, not as long as Denise’s. While I managed to catch a coach pretty quickly, it only took me as far as Terminal 5 where I waited for the Woking one. It meant I had time to get a coffee.

Terminal 5

Then, naturally, I had a half hour wait at Woking station though I rather enjoyed sitting in the waiting room watching an episode of The Sinner which I’d started on the coach.

Back in Farnham I headed up to Starbucks then Waitrose to buy food for dinner (salmon and avocado) before making my way home.

Farnham’s a little bit quieter without Denise

He’s having an ‘interesting’ time on Jersey but we’ll have to wait for his return on Friday to get more details.

PS: Tonight we watched Sisters (Tina Fey and Amy Poehler) on Denise’s recommendation. What a cack! We laughed a LOT.

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2 Responses to Sad farewells

  1. mum cook says:

    At least Carol wasn’t late like for me as she had the time wrong, I expect you know she arrived safe and sound very tired. We are going for coffee on Saturday as usurl so will hear all about it. Yes the poor puppy’s must be very mixed up with people coming and going. Love mum xxxxx

  2. Mirinda says:

    Always love a Tina Fey movie 🍿

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