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Today, being New Year’s Day, was the annual return match between the Shots and Woking. We try and go every year.

The home game is always on Boxing Day so, in my case anyway, I never get to go but the New Year’s Day match is another kettle of fish entirely. And this year, along with over 1,000 Shots fans, Denise joined us.

We were a bit worried about the rain while Bob was concerned that Denise wouldn’t know which team to barrack for. As it turned out, the rain was minimal and we told her which team (we were the ones in the pale blue away strip).

The ground fills up

The stand was for pre-booked ticket holders only and I spotted Neighbour Dave and Richard the Eggman sitting comfortably in the ranks. Steve from number 11 was also seated because he’d managed to convince his wife and kids that they like to go to the game with him.

As for us, we joined the proper fans in the overcrowded, cold and uncomfortable terracing reserved for away fans.

Away terrace

The game was played at great pace with the Woking players so frustrated that they fouled us at every turn. Sadly the referee didn’t have a very good game (Denise claimed he was an extra player on the Woking side) and missed a lot of cardable offences.

Saying that, there was one very obvious handball in the second half which could have had our goalie sent off which was only seen by our small section of Aldershot fans. Like true sports men and women, we didn’t say anything and the goalie stayed on the pitch.

The first half saw us take the lead and play the better football. Steve from number 11 had predicted a 3-1 scoreline and it looked like it would be a lot more. Unfortunately we weren’t able to finish many attacks and so, at halftime, the score remained at 1-0 to us.

The second half saw Woking come out like a team possessed. They stopped with the fouls and played some good attacking football. Consequently, shortly after the restart, they scored.

The game was looking like a drawer but then, almost out of nowhere, we scored again and the fans went wild. Actually so did Nicktor. He became very well acquainted with Denise who unfortunately was standing next to him. Usually it’s me. I felt her pain.

Then, about five minutes from the end the game was stopped. The players stood around, the referee wandered about, the announcer nattered away. We didn’t know from where we were but the barrier had been pushed over by the Aldershot fans. (Regular readers might remember this from previous New Year’s Day games.)

While we didn’t see it, this is from the Get Surrey Web page:

From Get Surrey Web page. I particular like the Woking fan giving us the finger.

This followed a lot of overcrowding along the walkway earlier on. They’d all been standing in front of us and the stewards aided by about 350 police officers, had moved then away from our end only to destroy the fence…as usual.

Anyway, eventually everything was cleared up and the game restarted but the score didn’t change. We won.

Below is a photo of the celebrations following the second goal. I’ve included it because it features Nicktor and his t-shirt.

Taken from the official Shots game report

We are frozen solid as we walked back to the car though our joy warmed us a bit. It was a great day and a great result for the sometimes Mighty Shots.

The story of the t-shirt
When we went to Beijing a number of years ago, I bought Nicktor the t-shirt featured in the photograph above. It was meant as a joke. I don’t think he ever wore it.

This year he found it and Dawn had convinced him to throw it out though James wanted him to keep it. Then Aldershot signed Bobby-Jo Taylor.

These days, Nicktor, armed with t-shirt and sharpie races down to the touchline hoping to get Bobby-Jo to autograph it. So far he’s had no luck at all but at least he managed to get it in the photograph this time.

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  1. mum cook says:

    Whoo hoo to the Mighty Shots You didn’t say if Denise enjoyed it. I did just reading about it, except the fence giving way not good if you are on the bottom lol . Love mum xxxxxx

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