Ashes to ashes

I see that the Australian cricket team is playing properly at the moment. Poor England just can’t take a trick. Two wins out of two tests…roll on Perth.

Meanwhile, in York, there was a change in fortune for John Higgins. While he won yesterday, today he wasn’t as successful.

He was up against Mark King who Higgins has beaten many, many times in the past. There was a bit of a blip for King when he went 4-2 down but he bounced back and took the match to a final frame at 5-5. Both players were feeling the tension of the occasion and they both made pressure related mistakes but, eventually, it was King who took the match and now advances to the quarter finals.

A determined Mark King

Afterwards, in the obligatory studio interview, King said he was playing a lot easier now that he wasn’t worried about making any money. In the past it was all about how to make the mortgage or put food on the table which sat in the back of his mind during his matches. This is never a good idea.

Then, this year, he won a major tournament and he doesn’t need to worry about money any more. These are his words, not mine. I have no idea how much he won or what other event changed his fortunes but he was certainly nice and relaxed.

Final frame

At home I finally planted the bears breeches and one lone little verbena that had been left, neglected in the Crazy Bed. We’ve really missed the bears breeches. There were quite a few just outside the back of the house but they were grubbed up when the foundations were put in for the extension. We have looked for replacements but have not been successful…until last weekend.

I also finished off the Christmas lights with the addition of the baubles on my office wall.

It was a grey but lovely day. Apparently it’s going to start getting cold next week after Storm Caroline strikes Scotland. I bet the Hassells will be pleased out in the North Sea.

(By the way, Fi, I’ve managed to find your ship on my Marine app and will follow your slow progress across the ice flows. X)

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Oh dear glad I am not on it not mush fun. Well your sister is on her way so hope they have a smooth flight. love mum xxxx

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