From tree to fence

Recycled tree

A while ago I wrote about the tree stump that had been turned into a totem pole and plonked into the ground near the castle. Well, similarly, another dead tree from the park has been whittled down and turned into a fence. This form of recycling I do like. As opposed to planting dead, hollowed out trees with feathery patterns on them. The totem, incidentally, is now cracked. My prediction is that it will not last long.

Anyway, this fence marks a part of the all weather path around the park which, when we have a lot of rain, regularly floods. The reason there’s a fence (I think) is that the flooded section is about 25 feet down a sheer edge. When dry, it’s fine. When full of water…you’d never know it was so deep. So that’s why the fence. Actually, the poodles have been known to run to the bottom and back but only when it’s dry.

One day, a while back, I was walking along the path with the poodles and noticed two chaps with the smallest, cutest chainsaw. They were cutting up and creating the bits needed for this fence from logs taken, I assume, from a fallen tree. The pieces are beautifully rustically cut. A joy to behold. nothing square or symmetrical, nothing smooth or manufactured. It pretends to be nothing it is not. It is a fence made from a dead tree. It serves a purpose. Now THAT I like.

The other side of the fence

This picture shows the rough way the logs for the uprights were sliced in two. It also shows the slope. Day-z was not tempted to run down. I think she was watching a blackbird.

I love that the fence is beautiful. I love the re-use of the tree to something useful. But most of all, I love the way they manage Farnham Park.

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2 Responses to From tree to fence

  1. Claire says:

    I agree with you Gary a beautiful fence.

  2. Mirinda says:

    I actually like the totem pole thing though it is rather abruptly placed in the field. I even like the strange crack in it.

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