Literally making the bed

The new double bed and mattress were due to turn up this morning between 07:25 and 09:25. The truck arrived at 07:30. The two very cheerful delivery guys unloaded into the empty green room which looked like this:


Before I set to with Allen key and screw driver, I headed up to the shops. Sadly there wasn’t any gym but I figured that I’d be getting quite a bit of exercise building the bed…and walking into town.

Back at home I headed into the green room and started. I stopped for lunch then returned to finish off the slats. I stepped back and was pleased with my efforts.


To the casual observer, the above photo may be nice and pretty; other viewers may realise that something is missing. And there is. The mattress.

The mattress was, it seems, sent to the wrong depot. The driver told me that it would arrive tomorrow after it returned to the right place. As it happens, it was actually easier building the bed frame in an empty room. As long as the mattress DOES actually turn up tomorrow.

Then I started fixing the hole in the wall.

A while ago, Mirinda decided to go through her wardrobe. She felt she needed something to hang the clothes on while she decided what to keep and what to throw. She figured the curtain rail in the green room would be perfect.

Curtain rails are fixed to curtain rail brackets with tiny grub screws. In order to remove the rail, these little screws need to be loosened. The rail is then easily lifted off. The other way to remove the curtain rail is to just grab the pole and yank. Mirinda preferred the latter way of gaining access to the rail.

As far as providing a support for the clothes, the curtain pole was perfect. The big hole in the wall created by having the bracket ripped off was not so perfect. It was so big that I had to fill it gradually, making sure each layer was well dry before applying another.

As I said, I started today.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Bed looks good better still when it has its mattress and sheets ect. you have been a busy boy. love mum xxxx

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