I am rapidly going off Sliderobes. After being promised that someone from head office would contact me today, they did no such thing. I’m going to have to call them tomorrow…AGAIN! I guess they’re only good when things go to plan but the moment there’s some sort of deviation the customer is completely forgotten. (Maybe I’ll tell them that I’ll bodge it so it’ll be useful then they can fix it later.)

The bed people, on the other hand, were a lot more helpful. The delivery company let me know they’d be delivering tomorrow, promising a two hour slot and, true to their word, I had a text tonight saying it would arrive between 07:25 and 09:25. While that means no gym it does mean it’ll be all up and ready by lunchtime so I can put everything back in the room.

Meanwhile, today, I felt like I was pretty busy; like I didn’t stop. Though, of course, I stopped for lunch.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that the girls get four slices of ham each for lunch and we have a sort of rigmarole we have to go through because Freya insists. I say ‘we’ but Emma just sits in the hallway and waits patiently for us to finish.

The rigmarole involves me tearing off a corner from the first three slices of Freya’s ham, one at a time, and making her jump for it. She has to sit and wait then jump. Being the sort of dog that will do anything for food (except for lettuce…she doesn’t like lettuce) she obeys me instantly.

I’ve wanted to capture this on film for ages but the results have been pretty dire. Today I made an attempt that is almost watchable. So, here’s Freya playing Leaping for Lunch. Twice.

After lunch, our routine dictates that we watch something on the TV while I have a coffee and then we hit the park, a word that Emma knows only too well. When I say it she goes absolutely mental. Actually, she tends to go mental as soon as I pick up the remote to turn the TV off. So, to the park we went.

In a copse

Freya is over her season, by the way and is very pleased to be off the lead. To celebrate she wanders far and wide, chasing squirrels, saying hello to each and every dog we pass and generally being incredibly independent. Emma, of course, just chases the tennis ball and brings it back so I can throw it again.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. Today, as we were heading home, a squirrel suddenly appeared in the open. Freya was after it in an instant, giving chase which included a beautifully executed sharp turn. Emma, quite against type, decided to join Freya and, after an initial tumble and roll, followed the two fluffy ones into a copse.

Of course they didn’t catch the squirrel – no dog ever does – and eventually they returned to me looking well pleased with themselves. Then Emma remembered her tennis ball which she’d drop before joining the chase. And the search began.

Fortunately, using the occasionally successful process of ever increasing circles, she found it and we headed home where they collapsed (momentarily) and I headed into the garden.

Today I planted up a load of tulip bulbs around the lavenders I planted in the new bed. There were a number of different varieties so, to avoid too much symmetry, I put them all in a big bag and shook them up before taking them out, one at a time and planting them.

On the weekend Mirinda decided the tulip bulbs needed to be planted on top of a bit of grit. This allows water to move around with a little more freedom rather than just sit in splodgy hollows created by mud and clay. Dribbling the tiny rocks into the hole, popping the bulbs on top then covering them over was strangely satisfying. The fact that it wasn’t raining helped a lot.

Just a few of the 67 bulbs

There should be a lot of colour come the spring especially after I plant the rest that we’ll buy on the weekend. Amazingly, the 67 bulbs I planted today only managed to fill half the bed.

Mirinda was home late from the conference, having been led astray in Clapham by Sarah and the Department of Education.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    What a clever little Freya yes the garden will look lovely next year cant wait to see it. Love mum xxx

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