Moving things around

The girls had to go back to the vet today for the second part of their yearly inoculating. Today it was the stuff squirted up the nose. The one thing that Carmen hated about going to the vet. Emma made very little fuss, even after the vet had done it. Freya wasn’t that keen on having her head held or the thing poked up her nostril but the actual squirt was received without any reaction whatsoever.

I then went shopping, after dumping them at home. (I didn’t go to the gym this morning because I didn’t get to bed till well gone midnight (after the opera) and really didn’t fancy managing the day on 5 hours sleep. Not now that I’m 62 anyway.)

At Starbucks I was greeted by a very happy Sarina, fully recovered from her operation and back to her sparkly, joy spreading self. She told me, in graphic detail, all about it and the relief she felt when she woke up and didn’t vomit all over the nurse waiting for her eyes to open, something she was told MAY happen.

Back at home and before lunch, I tackled the leaves on the terrace. This was mum’s job when she was here two years ago. Last year we were in Spain and came home to a very big coverage. While Gardener Dave (and Sam) blow them up every two weeks, this time of year the frequency of leaf removal increases exponentially with the drive away from autumn and into the beginnings of winter.


After lunch we went to the park for a walk. I told Emma she was being spoiled because I class the trip to the vet as a walk. She didn’t agree and just kept jumping up and down demanding I take the flicka-stik. In fact, she jumped around so much that I almost caught her front paw in one of the big sliding doors.

She shrieked when the door touched her. The loud yelp definitely did the trick and I stopped pushing. She didn’t stop jumping around so I assumed there was no damage done. Given the way she raced around the park shortly afterwards, I obviously did just touch her.

The next big job of the day was clearing the green room in preparation for the arrival of the double bed tomorrow…except it isn’t coming tomorrow. I had a phone call late in the day saying that the frame had been damaged by the courier and they wouldn’t have a replacement in time. My heart sunk at first but then he said the bed would arrive on Friday instead. This is actually better for me. I finished moving things around anyway, meaning I’d be more than ready.

I also heard back from the Sliderobes people. The next available date for them to complete the wardrobe is December 20. I told the woman on the phone that that wasn’t good enough. I needed it finished so I could use it and didn’t think it reasonable to have to wait over six weeks for about an hour’s work. She said she’d get head office to give me a call tomorrow.


Then, the best news of all. Mirinda is at a conference this week but was told that her application has gone through to the next stage. This was after there appeared to be a bit of a problem. There was great cheer all around at work. Her boss’s boss even gave her a hug.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    That’s great give her hug from me, and sorry about the leaves but will be there I hope next year.
    Cant understand why it wasn’t finished before they left why go and then have to come back. Workman to day Love mum xxxx

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