Number five

This is how the green room looked first thing this morning:

By 5pm, things had changed somewhat, thanks to Eddie. Eddie, I assume, is a chippie. He works for the wonderful Sliderobes company and all day he was working away, installing our fifth Sliderobe. I’d love to know how our first one is going (it’s in the house we had in Haslemere) but the others are still amazing. Mirinda found the company somewhere many years ago and if ever we want a wardrobe, we call them immediately.

And Eddie wasn’t alone. I was also busy working with wood, widening a few slots in our wine cabinet.

The thing is, while the cabinet is marvellous and cute and remarkably different, the holes where the bottoms of the bottles rest are not all equal. This means the bottles don’t sit properly. So, armed with file and sandpaper, I sat on the floor and scraped away for most of the day.

During breaks from the file and paper, I’d move into the office to make more entries for Mirinda’s thesis bibliography. Until it became far too cold in the office when I decided to move into her library. Always a lovely alternative, particularly with Flogging Molly blaring out.

Eventually Eddie came downstairs to announce that he’d finished for the day. He explained that he hadn’t been able to finish because he’d not been supplied with quite enough wood. There’s a few bits remaining to be done but, because he lacked the wood, they will have to be rescheduled rather than finished off tomorrow. Even so, the hanging space can be filled.

Apart from the few little bits, I reckon it looks fantastic.

I don’t think the dogs were quite as enthusiastic about it because it had meant no walk today. I tried to explain that they will get one tomorrow but they didn’t seem to understand. I had to play the tennis ball up the corridor game with Emma for quite a long time before dinner…which was well worth the exercise.

Soba noodles with sesame chicken and an egg

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Looks lovely and your dinner looked good to. love mum xxx

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