Big jeans woe

Another morning at the gym; another solid work out.

And I think my jeans are getting too loose…again. That’s really, really annoying. Okay, I can put another hole in the belt but I really dislike wearing loose jeans. Mirinda thinks it might just be my thighs losing a bit of mass over the last month away from the gym. I’m going to cling to that before committing to buying a new pair of smaller jeans.

At home I Skyped with mum during which I fixed up her spam email problem. I’m sure I’ve done this before. (Maybe I should just check every now and then.)

After lunch, I took the girls to the park, noticing the number of brown leaves now starting to litter the grass.

It’s interesting that the same isn’t happening at the house yet. Maybe our trees (and shrubs) are waiting for the REAL autumn start date. Speaking of the garden…I planted even more daffodil bulbs, including some in the front garden. Spring will be very yellow at our place.

Then some very good news regarding the sale of the cottage. Matt, the real estate agent called to say he had two prospective buyers who had viewed and were very interested. This is in spite of the awful tenant telling them how bad everything is and generally trying to scupper the sale.

Anyway, one of the interested parties has been for a second viewing along with a builder to ascertain how much essential work would cost. The other party is planning to do the same this week. Matt is quietly confident that one of them might just make an offer at close to the asking price.

To say I was overjoyed is really understating how happy his phone call made me. While we’re not banking on anything, the truth is, a little bit of weight has been lifted.

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2 Responses to Big jeans woe

  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Well he isnt a very nice tenant fancy saying that suppose he does’nt want you to sell it put his rent up. Hope it works out for you and you get what you want. Cant wait to see the daffs they will look great. love Mum xxxxx

  2. Mum Cook. says:

    Why are you selling the cottage ? xx

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