3 Wheeler

In 1895, John Henry Knight built, what is purported to be the first purpose-built petrol driven car in Britain. I’ve found this picture of it, courtesy of 3-wheelers.com. That’s him driving it as well.

Knight's 3 Wheeler

He test drove it on a Surrey road and was pulled over by the police and fined for driving a locomotive without a licence and not having a guy walking in front with a red flag. You can read a rather nice Wikipedia entry about him here.

And why am I writing about this, you may ask. Well, it was built in Farnham! In this building.

The Elliot Reliance Works in West Street, Farnham

I’ve never noticed the blue plaque before although I walk by it quite often on the way to (or from) the Talking Newspaper, which I did today for my presenter’s training. Which went very well, by the way. A lot of stuff about the hows and wheres, which Tony took me through. I’m sure I’ll get pretty nervous the first time I do it but, at the moment, it all looks easy enough. I have till May and three more issues as a reader before then.

On the way home I popped into the Nelson Arms for a pint. Such a lovely pub. With a lovely model of Nelson’s Victory in the window near where I sat.

HMS Victory in the Nelson Arms

This may become a regular thing after the Talking Newspaper. Speaking of which (regular drinking, I mean) there is no Nicktor Night this week! I have not been told why but I imagine Nicktor is busy with work. Next Tuesday is the plan for our next one.

When I arrived home, there was the usual mad scramble of poodles. Day-z has a celebration toy. It’s always the same one. She goes frantic looking for it whenever we get home. It could be anywhere because she tends to play with it as well, leaving it in the unlikeliest of places This is it:

Day-z's celebration toy

Whenever Carmen wants her sister to play with her, she always tries to get this toy and waves it in her face. Eventually Day-z gives in and a great game of running and wrestling ensues. It’s amazing that Carmen knows that this will get her going. But it always does.

Anyway, I opened the door and they went mad, Carmen jumping up at me and Day-z running all over looking for her toy. First the length of the garden then around the side then into the lounge. As I calmed Carmen down on a dining chair, I heard the frantic patter of feet racing up the stairs, running through the rooms and then back down. She had another dash into the garden. At this point she gave up looking and grabbed the manky warthog – second best by a long shot. And then I noticed where her celebration toy was. It was sat on top of the patio table.

The table is one of Carmen’s favourite places to sit, stand or lie down on. She jumps from a chair to the table with consummate ease. Day-z, on the other hand who is no less agile, will never go up there. It comes from her being scared of just about everything.

As soon as I saw the toy there I knew that Carmen had put it there deliberately, in order to upset her sister. Now I’m wondering whether she did it because she knew I was due home and it was seriously to upset her sister or as part of her trying to get Day-z to play with her. She is far too clever for a dog!

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2 Responses to 3 Wheeler

  1. Mirinda says:

    What an ideal life you lead. Reading, playing with dogs and relaxing in pubs. Thank goodness for BT or you would have too much of a good thing.

    Day-Z is very strange with her toy. She is so excited when we get home but she doesn’t speak to us, she just rushes off for her toy – and yet she has had all day with her toy (or not, I guess, if Carmen has hidden it)

  2. Mum Cook says:

    Yes I agree what a wonderful life you have. We must find you a job; something 6 to 6. How about that then? Tee hee.
    You’re nervous…I don’t think so.
    love mum

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