Stink, crackle, FLASH!

After a very odd but fierce rain shower, that sent the dogs scurrying for cover, the day turned out beautiful. I almost thought I was back in southern France it was so blue. Actually, I’m not sure why the dogs were in such a panic. I’d only just bathed them so they were already damp.

Originally I’d thought to go to the gym this morning but, given I had a Talking Newspaper, I figured I’d go tomorrow rather than leave the girls on their own for an extra couple of hours. And so I bathed them, changed the sheets and basically pottered around a bit (I also uploaded my WA17 photos to Flickr) until it was time to head off.

Walking in I was rather dismayed to notice that the fence around the kiddies playground appears to have been the victim of a bit of domestic violence. At least I assume it was domestic. I guess it could have been someone from out of town taking out their frustrations against the Establishment or maybe someone who has failed at all attempts to have a child and, in a fit of pique, they just lashed out at the reminder of their inadequacies.

Actually I reckon it was probably a bunch of pointless teenagers with nothing to do, time on their hands and some sort of mind altering substance who were playing a strange game of push ‘n’ shove against the fence, causing it to, eventually, topple a bit. Whatever, it’s not a good look; something you’d expect a little further up the hill rather than here.

I had a glorious re-union in Starbucks with both Sarina and Emily welcoming me back, saying how good I looked for the break. Sadly they were out of hazelnut syrup so I was forced to have pecan which, I discovered, is an inadequate substitute. I’ll try almond tomorrow if the situation remains unchanged.

I was prepared for another boring Talking Newspaper edition (Haslemere this time) but my team made it very difficult. They kept insisting on making me laugh and enjoy myself. Even so, I managed to remain unfazed and without cheek as per orders.

The biggest surprise came as we were starting to read the final set of news stories. There’d been an odd smell for most of the recording and a couple of strange crackling sounds through the headphones. When we stopped for the halfway break, we looked around but couldn’t find anything untoward. (We always check the exhaust fan first because it’s been known to be a bit dodgy.)

The smell dissipated so we continued on. Then, as I said, during the final round, there was the return of the smell followed quickly by the crackling sound then, to everyone’s surprise and mortification, a big bang. The overhead flouro light had blown. Fortunately it didn’t shatter otherwise my three readers would have been covered in glass.

Pete (the engineer) and I removed the grill and the bulb to find that the connector from the electricity to the capacitor (I think) was black and melted (obviously the cause of the smell). It was all a bit grime.

Pete then called the head of technology while we soldiered on and finished the edition. Liz did ask why I hadn’t mentioned the light on the recording because the listeners would have loved it so I had to explain to her that my orders were to say nothing extraneous. It’s a shame because I’d have had a field day before. A pity, really.

That was pretty much all the excitement one needs in a day. So I went shopping, walked home and waited for Mirinda to get home (about half an hour) before cooking dinner.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Who told you not to have fun on the talking newspaper must be a miserable old GIT. Love mum xxxx


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