Returning to the status quo

Sleeping in my own bed last night was superb. I slept the sleep of the coma only a lot shorter.

The morning (well, until 10-ish) was spent finishing up my washing which I started last night and going through the massive pile of mail.

The ‘mail’ pile, incidentally, was reduced to a slightly smaller pile of stuff to chuck and three pieces that actually needed some sort of attention from me. Like email, I tend to spend most of my time sorting massive amounts of dross from the few diamonds of actual and required correspondence. Most of my life seems to be made up of deleting things. [Sigh]

Speaking of deletion, the ailing cherry tree in the Crazy Bed is no longer ailing. In fact, it’s no longer in the Crazy Bed.

Where once was cherry

It’s been sick for as long as we’ve lived in the house, blossoming for about a day once a year and the rest of the time looking like a victim of agent orange. Originally there was another tree in front of it but that went ages ago. The cherry hasn’t killed anything else so we figured it was Prunus localised.

Anyway, it’s gone now, thanks to Dave the Gardener and Sam, the new lad. And we now have a big gap. The idea is to get a birch…or a beech, I can’t remember which and, anyway, why are the two names so close together? It’s like having an oak and an elk rather than an elm. Naturally I’m going to have problems remembering which one I’m talking about!

Moving right along…

After Skyping with mum, I popped around to Sue’s to pick up the girls who hadn’t seen me for a fortnight. Emma, as you’d expect was full of surprise and delight, jumping around me and generally excited beyond belief. Freya, on the other hand looked around to see if there was anyone else around worth greeting, ignoring me. I queried her inaction towards me but she just focused on other things. I figured she was doing a Day-z (ie pretending she doesn’t like me anymore because I went away) and ignored her behaviour.

Back at home we had lunch before heading up to the park, which they were both more than happy to do. If Freya had been cross with me, she quickly got over it.

The park looked lovely, though the weather was a tad gloomy, and there were plenty of people out and about including a little fluffy thing that spent time running away from Freya who also ran away from the little fluffy thing. It was very funny to watch as they ran in opposite circles trying to get the other to chase them. At least they both had a bit of a run from it.

Emma, of course, had eyes only for her tennis ball and therefore managed to get a lot of exercise.

It’s always lovely being home.

Well, lovely if I ignore the leak in the extension which is drying out. And the bucket of water directly beneath the light fitting which is hanging down because of the leak. And the new spice rack which is now taking up valuable bench space in my kitchen.

Still, it IS lovely to be home.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Its a pity you cant say clothes get clean and they do well never mind . didn’t take too long, Sounds like Freya was punishing you for being away so long, they are so funny. Lots of love mum xxxxx

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