Waiting for the call

Yet another fault in the tunnel saw us waiting for our train back to the UK. The sign below stated that the wait could be up to 120 minutes.

Seriously annoying. As it turned out, we were only really delayed by about 40 minutes, which, for me at any rate, was time spent writing my post for yesterday.

But for today…

We had had a marvellous trip down to the Chunnel. After a long and successful trip to the supermarket, we headed out on a scenic route to the Chunnel. Rather than go the motorway, John took us along the coast road, which was much more interesting. In fact apart from boating, this trip has felt like a lot of endless, almost featureless, kilometres of well made but boring motorways. But not this morning…well, after the first bit from Rouen.

We stopped at Cap Blanc Nez for a bit of a wander and look at Dover – it was a delightfully clear day.

Along the French coast

I marvelled at the pock marked hills around the cape. According to John there was a bit of back and forth between the big guns of the Germans and the English across the channel at this point. Eventually they realised it was bit pointless when each side had the same power and intention so they stopped the shelling but the evidence remains.

In the car and after some careful consideration and logical conclusions, it was decided that the reason some of us had dickie tummies yesterday was because we were the ones who had had the steak tartare at the restaurant the other night. It was too much of a coincidence not to be the case. Especially when you consider that Bev was also feeling a bit tummy-troubled in the night and she had a taste of John’s.

(I didn’t eat anything all day (and drank only water and a few black coffees) and felt fine by the time I reached home. Clearly a passing thing…literally.)

So, we managed to reached Blighty and headed down to Battle, back to where we started. Feverish unpacking and moving to other vehicles commenced as everyone prepared for their various trips around England. I took my bag and headed down to the station for my trains home. And I have to say it was very comfortable. I even managed to finish reading Lady of the Camellias.

And so, WA17 has finished. It was a lot of fun with some delicious bits of bad stuff thrown in for good measure. The weather was a delight most of the time and when it wasn’t, it was an excellent source of writing material. Most of the success was due to John’s excellent planning and stewardship. Not to mention the countless hours of driving by John and Darren – I really have no idea how they did it. Extraordinary.

Most of all, I’d like to thank John for my votive candle which will stand in my office as a testament to my former life.

Poor deluded creature

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Wow what a trip home. St ill a lovely holiday was had by ball me as well even though i wasn’t there. love mum xxxx

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