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In the Just Too Ridiculous box, I have found the following item. Apparently, a Christian group in America have organised to send hundreds of solar powered bibles to the people of Haiti. Now, apart from the bizarre, what really strikes me as odd about this is how Christians should be selflessly helping these people with things they need. Perhaps if the solar powered bibles also had a torch in them, it would help a bit. I am truly mystified that these people could be so ridiculous.

You can read about it here, on an Australian news site. I read about it in a blog I subscribe to called J-Walk, which is here. Though I should warn you, it gets pretty controversial and is not religion-friendly.

Being Tuesday, Nicktor came to stay so we could finally go and watch Aldershot. The pitch was lovely and green, the crowd was noisy. We played very well and so did they (Rochdale). At half time the score was nil all but it had been fast and furious. A quick half time beer and back to the terraces.

Rochdale scored! We fought hard and in the dying moments of the game, snatched one back. And so it ended. 1-1. Well deserved. The crowd was happy.

We caught the bus home and are about to watch a movie and have a few drams.

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