Garlic with everything

A while ago (I think it was the last time Mirinda went to the Isle of Wight) I didn’t get to go to the Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight. I was bought back a whole load of garlic based products including a magnificent infused oil. I have bemoaned the fact that I didn’t get to go but this was sorted today as Sophie booked us into the Garlic Farm restaurant for lunch today.

The journey down was nice and smooth though, because of the work at Waterloo, the trains don’t really connect with the ferries as well as they normal do. Even so, it was very pleasant. Possibly not pleasant for the couple with the suitcase who kept moaning about people not queuing behind them.

The queue is completely unnecessary unless you want to sit on the sundeck but that didn’t stop these two utter miseries complaining under their breath every time some jolly day-tripper tripped by them. I’d have laughed but I don’t think they’d have got the joke somehow.

Of course the ferry ride across to the island was as delightful as it always is and Sophie and Tom turned up shortly after we arrived to whisk us off to the home of all garlic.

(Following on from yesterday…Tom was very pleased with his new phone. I was very pleased because the unlock code arrived while we were on the train which meant he could use it straight away rather than wait for seven days.)

After a decidedly squeezing trip down a very narrow lane which had Sophie in all sorts of pre-panic modes, we parked up and posed for Mirinda’s obligatory photo.

I should explain Tom’s pose. This is because his voice has started to break. It is also to show off his braces which are pushing his jaw forward to avoid an overbite in later years. He has reached the shooting up stage during which, if we don’t see him for a few months, the changes are massive. Sophie, on the other hand, was unaware of the voice breaking thing and blamed the braces for the fact that he had trouble articulating. (I explained to her that the Inarticulate Phase is only just starting.)

Mirinda suggested that Tom is in the second stage of growing into a man. The second stage is called the monkey stage…because he sounds like one.

Despite the absence of bananas, lunch was a delight as was the company, a rather inquisitive wasp. This wasp was particularly interested in Tom’s blue hat and his red fleece. The wasp didn’t really care about anyone else. This meant that Tom was never completely still for very long, avoiding the wasp. It’s just one of those things he does.

Entrance to the Garlic Farm

We also went for a lovely wander around the farm, noting the memorials to long dead garlic bunches and the strangely movable sunflower patch. Before leaving I was the only one brave enough to buy a garlic ice cream which I ate in the car.

Before heading back home, we stopped off at Totland Bay, somewhere none of us had been to, even Sophie and Tom. The woman who lives underneath them recommended it. We walked along the waterfront in both directions,m eventually ending up at the Waterfront for a drink. (The Waterfront is open 365 days a year. I guess they only close every February 29.)

Totland Bay beach huts

It was a lovely day blotted only by the fact that we drove right past the previously unknown Shipwreck Centre & Maritime Museum. While I was very distressed at discovering its existence just as we drove away from it, Mirinda was far too pleased at the avoidance. Maybe next time…

Tom was left to fend for himself at the flat while Sophie drove us back to the ferry where we boarded in the nick of time then hopped aboard the next train home. It was a lovely day.

The Queen Mary 2 and not our ferry home

By the way, the garlic ice cream was not all that ‘garlicky.’ The garlic was mixed into dark chocolate, which dominated it. The garlic taste was definitely there but pretty much took second place to the chocolate…which is a shame because I don’t really like chocolate ice cream.

Possibly the best part of the day was when Sophie told us that Tom has declared he is an Atheist. I in turn declared that as a Godless Father, my work is done.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Yes sounds like a lovely day and as I have been there I can see it in my minds eye. Poor Tom its hard growing up tell him just as hard getting old cant do this or that. Did the garlic Farm smell of garlic that would be awful. Love mum xxxxxxxx


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