Summery Sunday

After the horrors of yesterday, today was spent in quite a bit of restful nothingness. Well, for me anyway. Mirinda was working on her DBA for most of the day.

Of course I walked into town to buy up for our now traditional Sunday Japanese Feast – pork belly, miso soup, raw fish, griddled veg, etc – and, while nothing big was happening to disrupt the traffic, there was a group of chaps building a scaffold.

There must be some work going on in or on the Boots glasses shop in the Borough because that’s where they were erecting it. It wasn’t too bad when I walked by but I reckon the traffic probably went a bit annoyed during the day.

Works in The Borough

Back at home I set to trying to remember everything that had to go on my new laptop. It made me wonder how non techie people manage to do it. While it’s very easy to just take a laptop out of the box and get it working, it’s quite another setting it up to work properly with all the software that was on the old one.

A few things were a bit irritating (and Sonos was still being a pain when I finally gave up and went to bed) but it was all working well…eventually. Because some things take an awfully long time I was up and down, in and out, doing other things at the same time. Like making dinner.

While most of our now traditional Sunday Japanese Feast takes about half an hour, the pork belly needs to cook for three and a half hours and rest for 30 minutes. And, of course, it needs checking every now and then.

Mirinda, during one of her breaks, decided she wanted to rearrange the furniture and some pots on the terrace. This meant I was going from terrace to office and back again a few times.

Still, it was quite a relaxing day…which, of course, means a short post!

The new Lenovo

And I almost forgot…the 13th Doctor is going to be a woman! Jodie Whittaker will take over from the old white male during the Christmas Special this year. About bloody time, I say.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    I wonder what it will be like having a women as Dr Who I agree they should try it but night have to change the story line a bit. Your new lap top looks good. They are always doing something or other in Farnham still it is better then letting it go so it gets really bad. Love mum

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