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The news was full of the success of tennis player Johanna Konta today. She is the first ‘British’ woman player to reach the quarter finals at Wimbledon since Virginia Wade 40 years ago. She’s 26 and was born in Sydney. She moved to the UK when she was 14. She then decided to become a British citizen which means she can be a British tennis player. So, another fake Brit to join the likes of Mo Farrah and Bradley Wiggins.

But enough of Johanna and her wonderful performance for her adopted country. Today was mostly about the rain. The first we’ve had in…well, it feels like as long as Johanna Konta has been British but it’s probably more like a few weeks. And it was plentiful.

I was sitting in the office, Skyping with mum and was forced to close the windows and door for fear of getting drenched in the sudden downpours. Even Emma joined us in the office, giving up her usual post upon the stairs, guarding the front door against all comers…or people walking three streets away.

I’m not complaining about the rain. The garden seriously needed it and the water butts were well depleted. By the time the sun (which never appeared) had gone, the garden was looking refreshed and sparkly. That could be a slight exaggeration because it was quite dark and we don’t have glow worms.

What did look sort of sparkly was the planter that Mirinda planted up yesterday.

This is one of the planters left vacant by the removal of the dried out conifers to the nursery up the back. That sounds quite good but it’s just the back of the garden, in front of the rotting shed and it’s full of sick and dying plants slowly being reclaimed by weeds. It’s the last stop before the crematorium that I call the burn bin.

The planter now looks very bright and cheerful on the terrace rather than a big box full of dirt…which it was before Mirinda planted it up.

Something else that I’ve been told looks bright and cheerful is my hair cut.

At Starbucks

I decided to have a change of hairdresser. This is the work of Colette of Ruby Mane. I reckon she did an excellent job. I’m fairly certain I’ll see her again though I probably won’t wait six months like she reckons.

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    Yes it was raining while you were talking to me. that plant pot looks so bright lovely flowers. talk next Tuesday my handsome son bet Mirinda likes it. love mum xxxx

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