Mirinda in the garden

Today I (sort of) took it easy after yesterday’s big excursion. Mirinda, on the other hand, did anything but.

She decided to attack the Crazies Bed armed with pitchfork and secateurs. And what a difference she made. The biggest problem was the small rose bush at the base of the obelisk. It was being weighed down by everything around it, the blooms facing the ground rather than hunting for the sun. After a lot of concentrated work, she had freed them.

They actually look a lot better than the photo. They are cochineal and beautifully bright.

Emma also helped a bit.

As for me, I spent a lot of the day working on things on my laptop that needed fixing and/or amending. It was a lovely day to spend in the office, among the wilderness that is the Wildflower Patch. That’s when I can see over the Candy Bed which having finished with the daffs then tulips is now mostly weeds.

I’m not even going to mention the grass until it is dry enough to cut.

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One Response to Mirinda in the garden

  1. Mum Cook says:

    Looks good Wish you had cleaned my computer when you were here iya has loads of things wrong well so they say .
    Love mum xx

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