Taking back the kitchen

I don’t think there’s actually a right or wrong way to organise one’s kitchen. I think that most kitchen people have their own unique way of doing it. I know I do and, having used other people’s kitchens, my small sample space would prove me correct.

Since our return from Japan, Mirinda has been making herself at home in my kitchen. Obviously this was a necessity and I would never complain because her meals have been delicious and joyously received. And it’s always nice to have someone else wash and clean up afterwards.


Today, given my always improving foot situation, I attacked the kitchen. I was happy after about an hour. And I made my own lunch – it was either that or go hungry given I was alone. Then I cleaned up afterwards.

I also managed to run the Dyson around. It felt good being useful.

Mirinda was home by 8:30 and I had dinner ready for her.

Apart from a slight swelling and a bit of ache, I almost feel back to normal…well, normal for MY feet of course.

Also, I wouldn’t feel sorry for Freya not getting anything. She has no interest in anything that doesn’t concern her tummy. Except when it comes to The Archers. This is how she acts when The Archers is on.

And the dogs may have wanted to go for a walk today but, regardless of my elephantine foot, it hasn’t stopped raining all day. Here’s the view out the back door.

Green, green, la la la la

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    That,s a better blogg you are improving its a bit late I got Freya some thing today she might like this one it is very bright and has her name on it not that she can read I love watching them play thank you, The garden looks great it is very bright and green the rain makes all the difference I have just been and tidied my back up you know what it is like with all that bark staff all over the place. Love mum xxxxx


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