Continuing swell

The antibiotics are doing their job and I reckon I’ll be able to walk soon. Which is good for the entire population of this house, because I’m a crap patient.

I wasn’t going to show this photo but feel it’s important in a historical context to at least have some sort of photographic proof.

The one on the left is the swollen one…

One of the main things that my foot has prevented me from doing is a report on the state of the garden. From my view on the lounge, it looks lovely and green but, according to Mirinda it’s somewhat overgrown.

The rain is making a difference as well. According to various neighbourhood sources it’s been very dry in our absence. Since we’ve been back it’s rained every night and been sunny during the day. That’s fortunate given I can’t really water it at the moment.

Something I forgot to mention on Sunday, when the girls came home, was Emma’s actions to the opening of the parrot suitcase. The parrot suitcase was one I bought in Caloundra especially for bringing home a small load of stuff of the big load of stuff we still have in Oz. In the parrot case, giving a squishy sort of security to the more breakable things, was a blue elephant for Emma from mum – the kind she’s had from mum before. Also in the parrot case was an all pervading smell of moth balls.

The moment Mirinda opened the parrot case Emma, a blur, dived in, grabbed the elephant by the trunk and went off and played with it. Nothing else. Just the elephant. That is pretty amazing given she had no idea it was there and the smell would have been masked. She just knew. And she was right.

Freya, of course, had nothing. Though, to be fair, she does have a corner. It hadn’t officially been named before (like so many other places inside and outside this house) but Mirinda has started referring to the ladder back chair spot as Freya’s Corner.

Freya’s Corner

She does spend a lot of time there, curled up on the chair, content that all is right with the world. She has no time for toys! (Obviously that’s NOT the ladder back chair but a stand in for the moment.)

In the meanwhilst…here’s Emma’s new toy after a couple of days:

Emma figured it needed the pierced ear

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Ah I feel awful now not giving anything to Freya but Emma takes all of them anyway but I will look for some thing special. Your foot looks awful the other one isint to good either maybe the tablets will help both feet. Love Mum xx

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