Adventures with swell

I have a swollen foot. I went to the doctor today and she told me it’s probably some sort of infection which should be cleared up with antibiotics. I hope so because walking is almost impossible.

The trip to the doctor was funny. First up because we had to drive, secondly because Mirinda had to go and get a supermarket trolley wheelchair and push me into the surgery. She did an excellent job.

We were in the Surgery Emergency Zone (between midday and one o’clock) which means sitting and waiting. So, having my own seat, I sat and waited. Mirinda, not wanting to hang out with a room full of sickness, went outside to read.

By the time there was only me left in the waiting room, I finally went in and saw the doctor…just before 1 o’clock.

We had a laugh with the doctor as she ran me off a script for antibiotics. I then went and had a blood test (because there always has to be a blood test) before filling out the script at the chemist.

There was an annoying moment when we tried to go and get me a crutch from the physio room. The doctor had said we could just go and get one. The physio receptionist said we needed a referral from the doctor. We went back to the doctor but she’d gone off for lunch. We went home without a crutch and a not very happy Mirinda.

I took my tablets and started the healing process. Marvellous.

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One Response to Adventures with swell

  1. Mum Cook says:

    You must have picked something up in Japan hope its not to long before better how you going to get about with out a crutch.
    Love mum xxxx

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