Best kind of holiday…almost

I had another day of nothing today. This was mainly because Mirinda journeyed up to Budgewoi to see her Nanna who is now in a nursing home full of crazy people. She told Mirinda about Dave who sits in her chair and watches her sleep. This would creep most people out but, apparently it’s just one of those things in a home where the inhabitants are growing towards full-on dementia…leaving Edna to her lonely sanity.

Bob reckoned I shouldn’t go and who was I to argue. I sat at Dural and caught up on blog posts and entertained Suzie.

I also spent an enormous amount of time booking tickets to a Kabuki performance we want to see when we’re next in Tokyo (May 12). The Japanese rather like a lot of options in just about everything online. Still, I fought the forces standing strong before me and, eventually broke down the wall of defiance to secure two tickets. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I bought two tickets which I have to get from a machine outside the theatre on the day of the performance. Possibly that will include a fair bit of faffing as well.

We were wanting to get a couple of single performance tickets – these are for one part of a three part show – to avoid the craziness of the entire day thing but this proved impossible. The rules around single day tickets are quite restrictive. Everyone has to queue up for the ticket on the day because each person can only get one ticket. There’s no guarantee of a seat because it’s first come first served and even if you do get a seat it’s unlikely you’ll be sitting together. And, of course, there’s a good chance you won’t get a ticket at all. While it costs considerably more, at least we have a seat in the Japanese version of the stalls…guaranteed.

Apart from showering and washing my hair, that was about it for me today. I think one of the best things about coming to Oz for holidays is the fact that we can have long restful days rather than having to roam around being tourists. It’s a great opportunity for battery recharging.

In the evening, after their return I joined Mirinda and Bob on the back verandah for a couple of glasses of pommeau. This bought back memories of our time in Dom though Mirinda almost spoiled it by mentioning the tower where the knights were kept until they rotted away to dust. I suggested the better memory of Dom would be the amazing view from the restaurant. Bob couldn’t remember what he ate but claimed it was delicious. I probably finished with a creme brulee that I was dissatisfied with.

One bone of contention was the fact that Bob managed to score a giant liquor glass which, according to Mirinda, he filled to five times the amount of pommeau than we had in our thimbles. He claimed we evened it up by having five glasses each. Oh, how we laughed.

Booze in the evening

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Wow don’t like the sound of that nursing home that’s why I told the girls I am not going into one. It wont hurt you to have a bit of a rest love mum xxxxx

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