Tom Cruise? No, I’m Top Gun!

This morning Bob went shopping while we slept. He returned while I was at my morning coffee. He showed me my lunch and swore me to secrecy. It was, in part, because Mirinda had refused to share one of her three prawns with me at dinner last night. Needless to say I was deliriously happy when lunchtime came around.

My hand is for scale

Mirinda, meanwhile, was off visiting Lisa while I rested my leg. She set off, full of trepidation (because of the road changes between here and Mosman) but arrived without any problem at all. She spent a lovely half day wandering the streets and parks of the North Shore with Lisa, Anna and Rascal. Jack had to dash off for a bit of situation cleansing after a rather negative blog post threatened to harm his business.

There was none of this for Bob and me. After Justine arrived and the two of them entertained me with a bit of synchronised grass cutting, Bob took me and his baby drone out to the paddock for a spin.

He was given the drone by Tomas when he was last over here. The batteries last about seven minutes, something we all sneered at. I tell you what, seven minutes is an eternity in drone flying when you’ve never flown one before. Mind you we had a spare battery so I actually had 14 minutes which was more than enough time to crash it multiple times while narrowly avoiding fence posts, the creek and the roof.

With my apologies for the lousy landings and the shaky video work, this is a short (I chopped out a lot of boring bits) film of my attempts at drone handling.

Mirinda eventually returned home, car intact and we settled down to separate meals – Bob had his carbfull casserole while we had smoked salmon and salad. We also drank the wine which Mirinda forgot to take to Lisa. Thanks Lisa.

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One Response to Tom Cruise? No, I’m Top Gun!

  1. Mum Cook says:

    Was that after you spoke to me or before. looks really exciting. and what is wrong with your leg that you have to keep resting it. Bobs place looks bigger from the air.
    Love mum xx

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