The end of Hygge

With the start of Daylight Savings comes the prolonged evenings. And with this lengthening of the time before sunset comes the end of Hygge. Today we changed to our summer house.

So, away with the candles, the twinkling lights, the checked and cheerful tablecloth and our first lunch out on the terrace since…well sometime last year before the light left us.

Walking around the garden, we both realised how much we’re going to miss this year. The azaleas will come and go, the clematis the same, the camellia will be finished.

Our first camellias

One upside to our timing though: At least we won’t die in the Oz heat!

I spent most of the day sorting final things out ahead of our departure and trying to eat nearly everything in the house.

I also managed to find a better bibliographic software than EndNote. I’ve been having major problems with the latter. It started with trying to get the Mac version of the old build but this wasn’t possible. We then managed to get Mirinda a new university ID so we could buy the newest version at a reasonable price, but when the person sent us a link to buy it, it didn’t work. The customer service person with the unpronounceable name (which, quite frankly, defies gender typing as well) then offered to ring and take the order over the phone.

That was the final straw (this has been going on for a few months) so I investigated further. I discovered Mendeley. It’s brilliant and, apart from everything else, we can both link to it across all platforms. Very civilised. And it’s free. I then spent a few hours transferring our references across.

Mirinda took the girls to Hankley for a final time and I cooked omelettes for tea.

And the weather continued to be beautiful.


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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Well I suppose you are both in the air or may be walking about in Japan, I cant wait to see you both on Friday was hoping for an early morning like 9 30 or so but never mind. Your garden is looking lovely and a shame you will miss it but as you say you wont have the awful heat out here.
    Love mum xxxx I mean next Friday.

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