Busy, busy

Today was another glorious day, continuing straight on from yesterday. Weatherwise, it was pretty close to perfect.

I had to attend to quite a few admin type things today – printing travel documents, calculating food costs for the girls, downloading the last episode of The Walking Dead, etc – as well as wash all the laundry I could find. And, of course, I had to colour my hair.

Colouring the hair is possibly the biggest job I had to do today. I am generally assisted in this task by two little pests. They are always super keen to do everything they can to make it as difficult as possible.

“How can I help?”

Emma’s favourite way of helping is to leap up and down and bite my hand. It’s particularly fun (for her) when I have a sleeve because she prefers the feeling of her teeth sinking into the material which just doesn’t happen with my hand…fortunately.

I’m surprised she had any energy for anything after her running around chasing the tennis ball antics in the park after lunch. She spent a lot of time getting over each retrieval.

Of course Freya spent all her time befriending the biggest dogs she could find. And the smallest. Actually she befriends anything she finds. Though there was a bit of a Mexican standoff between her and an Irish wolfhound. They both sank down to their tummies at a distance of about 20 feet. They stayed like that for a few minutes, gauging the danger. Eventually Freya gave up, finding it far too much trouble. She walked away and the wolfhound came over and tried to talk to Emma…who only had eyes for her ball.

We walked back via Dave’s (not so) Secret Path. I find this is the best time of year to take the Secret Path because it’s no longer muddy and the nettles have yet to appear.

Emma & Freya taking us home

Then, to cap the day off, Mirinda came home tonight. Given I haven’t seen her for a week, this was indeed the perfect end to a perfect day.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Why is it called Secret Path it looks good the girls look as it they are miles away.
    Hope your flight is good for both of you and will see you next Friday love mum xxxx

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