Naples Addendum

Here’s a few extra bits from Naples.

In Naples, the dead are disposed of very quickly so death notices don’t have time to go into the paper. For this reason, the walls are plastered with personal death notices so people can see them in the local area. That’s what these are, opposite our apartment.

On the way to Solfatara, we stopped at this bridge to admire some Roman ruins. I snapped this photo of Sarah walking towards us. I rather like the angles and the colours.

While in subterranean Naples, we were shown a load of plants that the university was experimenting on by depriving them of natural light. The first plants we saw were all doing very well and looked fantastic. The guide explained that they’d been planted yesterday.

These plants were in the cistern section of the caves and looked quite eerie.

This is not one of the new Jazz trains. This is how the Neapolitan youth would rather their trains looked.

Finally, a short video of our return to the modern Naples having descended to the Greek and Roman depths of San Lorenzo Maggiore.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    I know I am a bit late with answering but still enjoying Naples. loved the bridge.
    Love mum xx

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