It’s only rock ‘n roll

Chuck Berry died today. He was 90. Apart from the fact that, if pressed, I’d have figured he’d probably died decades ago, it means that rock and roll is less than 90 years old. I’ve never been a Chuck Berry fan but I’d sincerely like to thank him for legitimising the music I grew up with. His original recording of Maybelline is considered by some to be the first rock and roll recording. That’s ever. And that was in 1955 (coincidence?).

And, in typical rock and roll fashion, he was a serious bad-ass. He didn’t just set the standard for music, he also set the bar pretty high when it came to bad behaviour. He went to prison at the age of 17 for three years for armed robbery then in the early 1960’s he went to prison for 20 months for illegally transporting a woman across state lines for immoral purposes. And they’re just the highlights. Keith Moon clearly learnt his trade from such early pioneers.

Moving away from the wonderful excesses of the Baby Boomer generation and not even close to being by any stretch of the imagination, ‘Rock ‘n Roll’…

This morning I made Keto pancakes for the first time. They use coconut flour and almond flour instead of plain flour. They taste great with almond butter spread over the top but, if you ask me, could be improved immeasurably with the addition of bacon. They could also be used to top and bottom keto stacks…something I could make for guests.

Speaking of keto stacks…we had them for lunch and they were lush.

After lunch and a quick trip to the garden centre in order to buy pot feet (an essential ingredient to any successful garden with a terrace), Mirinda settled down to some serious DBA work while I amended a spreadsheet for her before heading into the garden for some weeding.

Yesterday I potted up a few ericaceous plants (azalea and camellia) and put them in The Garden of One Thousand Yaps. Because we have alkaline soil in the garden, anything acid loving needs to be in pots. In the photo below are three azaleas while the big pot is waiting for another large plant we have yet to buy.

Ignore the fatsia japonica in the bottom right hand corner

It might just be the fact that I love La Traviata but I’m quite keen on camellias. The flowers are big and boofy yet literally a bit melancholic. (That’s a linguistic joke that I don’t expect anyone to get.)

While Mirinda took the girls to Frensham Little Pond where they chatted with a couple of talkative bods, I set to weeding. I felt like I’d actually accomplished something when I stood up to admire the Garden of One Thousand Yaps and it was largely weed free.

The other day Emma started digging underneath the Higgledy Piggledy Palisade just behind the pot above. She’s never been known for her digging so this was a bit of a surprise. Then, yesterday she started digging a hole again in the same place. It was very odd…until I looked over the Higgledy Piggledy Palisade opposite where she’d been digging.

There, trapped in the beech was one of her tennis balls. I reached over and retrieved it. The digging stopped. Given she couldn’t climb the Higgledy Piggledy Palisade I guess digging under it was the only logical option.

She’s not as silly as she looks.

As for pot feet…here’s some under a terracotta pot. They keep the pot above the surface of the terrace in order to allow proper drainage and to leave less ingrained marks on the tiles.

Pot feet? Really? Looks like my years of being a rocker are well behind me…

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    I loved the ROCK AND ROLL that’s how you were born me rocking and rolling hahahayour garden is looking good i did wonder what Pot feet were now I know very good idea I could do with some wonder if they have them here. Clever Emma.
    Love mum xxx

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