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It seems to me that the majority of polite conversations on short bus trips consist of cliches, non-aphorisms and meaningless weather observations.

Today I caught a bus across to Haslemere to have lunch with Dawn and, being the middle of the day, shared the bus ride with all manner of old people who clearly only see each other once a week. I’m surprised that a lot of people never talk about interesting things preferring the mundane.

Lunch, of course, was far from mundane. Given Dawn came over to me last time, I thought it only fair that we met in her neck of the woods this time. And what a brilliant decision.

Dawn suggested The Mill, the pub down the road from where we used to live and opposite the eponymous Shottermill. I’ve been there many times in the past but not for years so it was with a great surprise that I walked in the door and turned right to get to the bar only to find myself stopped by the door to the ladies. That was indeed unexpected.

The whole place has been redecorated to the extent that walls have even been moved and outside areas roofed. It looks fantastic now and incredibly welcoming.

Probably the biggest improvement is that it’s now a Wadworth pub. While that might not mean an awful lot to most people, to me it’s enough to make me never go to another pub, ever. Wadworth brew my favourite (and the best in the world) beer, namely 6X. On tap and delicious, is all I need to say about the beer.

The food was lovely though I over-indulged in the sticky toffee pudding which, while yummy filled me beyond capacity. It also caused a sugar rush and crash unlike anything I’ve experienced for ages. Clearly the lo-carb diet has reduced my sugar resistance. Indeed, I didn’t even have dinner I was so full.

Food aside, we had our usual lively lunch of conversation centred around the stupidity of some people, the light at the end of Dawn’s PhD tunnel and dogs. Always a pleasure though sadly short.

On the bus ride I took the following video. I have decided I’m a bit mad when it comes to art. I have started taking photos of Other People’s Shopping Lists and the tips of my feet as an extension of space and, now, I’ve decided to try my hand at snatches of sections taken from the windows of public transport.

Though I doubt it would be of interest to anyone but me, it is mercifully short.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    It was interesting but not long enough , nice to hear about Dawn I am looking forward to seeing her and Nicktor again. That pub sounds good to, love mum xx

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