It was rather odd going to the gym this morning because normally I Skype with mum of a Tuesday, but she’s presently in Sydney visiting relatives so I had an unusually free morning. Not that the gym was any different to the usual. Same people; same routine. In other words, perfect.

On the home front, Mirinda’s lurgy isn’t going anywhere fast (it’s always weird to write that any form of sickness is getting better because that could mean that it’s getting worse) so she spent a lot of the day reclined with various tissues plastered to her face. She was pretty miserable all day…though I like to think that my first pea and ham soup (evah!) cheered her up slightly.

As for me, I was on the terrace moving conifers around.


As you can see, a few of our potted conifers are now too big for their pots so it’s time to up-size them to new accommodation. The three in the photo above all needed to be rehoused – it might be a little difficult to see but next to the big conifer on the left is a tiny little one just waiting to move up the housing list.

I was going to sit cross-legged on the terrace but then realised that if I put the compost in the barrow and sat it in front of the terrace, I could actually work standing up without bending too much. This made things a lot easier and I soon had the three moved happily into their new pots.


Normally when Mirinda’s at home, she’ll treat the dogs to a lovely long walk. Given her degree of sickness, this wasn’t going to happen today so I took them to the park for a good chase of the ball (Emma) and of squirrels (Freya).

I (stupidly) decided to take them up beyond the Queen’s Bottom forgetting that it never dries out. Ever. Emma, running herself exhausted, reclined in various mud puddles, tummy first as is her wont.

Actually I’m a bit concerned that Emma’s hair is too thick for her. She gets hot and pants excessively quite quickly when I flick the ball for her. I was intending to wait for Kate to be available again but I think i just might have to take her to Pets at Home. I’ll give them a ring tomorrow.

On the way home, I noticed that the fence had been replaced where the mushroom poisoned tree was removed. The stile has yet to be put back but I guess it’s just a matter of time.

Freya heading for the stile gap

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    the conifers look happier, Poor Miranda do hope she is better now. Think that’s a good idea for poor Emma, and Freya looks as if she is on her way off for an adventure .
    love mum xxx

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