Tap and walk

I woke up this morning at 7:10 even though I’d gone to bed after 2am. Mirinda and the puppies were all fast asleep. I cursed whatever force was responsible for making me wake up long before I either wanted or needed. Sadly I was wide awake.

I laid on the lounge listening to the radio and watching the almost constant rain fall. It was awful outside. I was very glad I was inside. Then I went shopping.

The rain pretty much continued all day. There was a brief break during which we went up to the garden centre but otherwise, the day was a washout.

At the garden centre we bought some azaleas for me to plant in pots (they need acid soil) and some compost in order to move a few conifers and ferns around on the terrace.

By the way, the title of this post comes courtesy of the check-out girl at Waitrose.

When your bill comes to £30 or under, you can just wave your card at the reader; when the amount goes above £30 you have to insert the card and use your PIN. As with all of these things, when the groceries come to £30.01, it’s a bit (and unreasonably) annoying. This morning, however, it came to £29.96. (It’s very funny how humans think there’;s a difference between a couple of pennies and a couple of pounds but we are rather fond of patterns and whole numbers.)

As the check-out girl told me the amount I rejoiced saying how annoying it is when the amount slides beyond the limit. She agreed, saying “You just wanna Tap and Walk.” I could only echo this wonderful phrase.

It’s a bit sad when that’s it for the day but…that was it for the day. Though we did have delicious roast lamb for dinner.

PS: I keep forgetting to report that Anderson’s, the restaurant on East Street with no parking, has changed hands and will soon be Heaven’s Kitchen.

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2 Responses to Tap and walk

  1. Mum Cook says:

    Wow heavens kitchen that sounds very delicious have you been yet might have to try it when I get there. love mum xx

  2. Mum Cook says:

    love that tap and walk sounds very other worldley. love mum xx

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