Oddly Emma

Today, on our walk, we met quite a few dogs. I think it was because of the intermittent showers through the day which meant as soon as the rain stopped everyone grabbed their leads and headed for the park. Whatever the reason, we saw a lot more than usual.

We also saw a lot of blossom, heralding the oncoming stroll into spring.

And speaking of happy things…I also noticed that the new tree, replacing the one that had been chopped and grinded and turned into a path, has been planted. The fence has yet to be replaced.

One of the many dogs we met was Percy the cocker-poo. He came dashing around a corner and suddenly stopped at seeing Emma. I thought I was seeing double. He was the same colour as Emma and only just slightly bigger. I would have thought this was very unusual however, talking to Percy’s owner, I discovered there are at least four red cocker-poos in the park (including Emma and Percy) and one at Frensham. I guess it’s because they are so beautiful.

Then, a little later, Emma reacted rather oddly at spotting a Saint Bernard. We’ve seen the Saint Bernard many times in fact Freya loves him, always running up and saying hello. Emma generally just ignored him but today she suddenly stopped walking and just stood and stared at him (he was quite a distance from her). When he walked off, out of sight, she returned to normal, chasing her ball but then, when he once more appeared, she stopped and stared again. It was like she was seeing an alien. Very odd.

For most of the afternoon I was researching times, fares and details about bullet trains for our upcoming Japanese trip. It was very exciting.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    Yes that is rather odd he might have said something to her one time I suppose dogs can talk to each other maybe in there mind you often see them staring at another dog. Hope you worked out everything for Japan getting exciting. If I can work out my small puter I will still fill in the blog also A Mollie has a lot planned for us and meeting Dianne a few times. lots of love see you when I get back on Skype. mum xxxx

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