Terrace II

First up this morning (after the gym, of course) was cleaning up the black stuff on the terrace tiles. I don’t know what the black stuff is but it refuses to move with the high pressure water. It also seems to be from the tree. Still, it was removed with a bit of elbow grease, Flash and a scrubbing brush.

I then had a rather sizeable break because I had to go into town for my yearly eye test at the optician. There’s been very little change in my vision and there’s no problems so that’s great. While there I took advantage of his new toy. It takes a 3D scan of the eye (sort of like an MRI only it uses sound rather than magnets) the results of which you get to see straight away.

It was amazing! Moving through the eye, layer by layer like, as the optician said, lasagne. He took me on a tour of what makes up an eye ball and how it works. Fascinating.

He also showed me his sort of side line job. He designs lenses for actors who play zombies or vampires or…well anything they might need in an eye really. He showed me a whole load of grisly, ghastly prosthetics he’d had a hand in creating. He said it was a hobby and he doesn’t usually show his patients. He was very proud. I thought they were well cool.

As I paid for my scan, the receptionist said something which made us realise that we were the same age. We then went into a whole “Wasn’t the 1970 the absolute best time!” thing which the optician (who’s considerably younger than us) tried to ignore.

Having chuckled through a few shared memories, I went shopping then home to finish the terrace off.

The Crazies side of the terrace looked like this when I started and after I’d moved all the furniture:


The sun was shining as I hit it with the Karcher, swooshing away the months of grime and snail tracks. It’s very satisfying work, I must say.

Finally it looked like this:


I was well pleased.

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2 Responses to Terrace II

  1. Mum Cook says:

    Don’t know what happened but know movies I press them a couple of times but no luck. That sounds great about looking at your owen eye, fancy doing them for actors . They are getting marvellous with eyes now when I go I have all sorts of new machinary to look into . love mum xxxxxx

  2. Mum Cook says:

    Well you wouldn’t believe it came back must be my computer, and yes it certainly looks different . xxx

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