Last day for Callum

I had thought to go into London today but the weather was so appalling that I decided to spend the day at home instead. Well, after the gym then a trip into Farnham.

While in Starbucks, Sue told me about all the old faces that are set to return over the next few months. Freya, Haley, Gracie, Little Callum, among others. She’s very happy given she was getting quite short staffed for a while there and it’s a pain having to train new staff in how to make my coffee the way I love it. And speaking of old faces, Jo was there as a customer but I don’t think she’ll be coming back.

Callum (not Little Callum but the other one) made my last latte this morning as he is leaving. In fact today was his last day. He’s off to become a teacher. He’ll be teaching Study Skills to kids who don’t necessarily want to learn anything. He’s very affable and I hope he doesn’t lose that when the kids beat him down. As I said to him “It’s a shame but you’re not allowed to hit them anymore.” To which he replied “Yeah. Right.”

I asked Kerry if he was leaving because he was sick of being the only male. She laughed with a non-committed glance in his direction.

Back at home I spent the day in scanning and general admin while Mirinda solved a problem at work to do with a miscreant employee.

Pretty pansies brightening up the theatre

The rain sort of eased up in the afternoon but didn’t disappear completely, justifying my decision to stay at home. Looking around at the end of the winter garden state and the beginnings of spring, I silently hoped for some rain free days next week so I can get out and into it for some much needed work.

Berries on the bamboo

‘Much needed work’ is what the terrace needs as well. It is more than ready for its spring high pressure exfoliation. Again, a few continuous days of sunshine should just about do it.

In the meanwhilst, it won’t be long before for the daffs appear…

Buds almost ready to burst

Then, in a flurry of excitement and action, the puppies came home to a bath. Both of them had indulged in an FSI while out walking with Alec. Jem also had one though Pippa, as usual, was the sensible one.

Alec had hosed them all down but they really needed a good soaping up and rinsing out. They were not impressed.

While the FSI was bad enough, Freya also decided to have a leaky butt. Now that was not pleasant at all and required the use of throw away latex gloves! I had no time for her complaints, instead giving her a few of my own.

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One Response to Last day for Callum

  1. Mum Cook says:

    OH Dear you took them to Sue’s that’s why Alex walked them. They do get into trouble poor things. Yes I expect your garden does need a tidy up wont notice when all the flowers are out,
    Love mum xxxx

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